Site Acquisition

  •  SAR (Site Acquisition Request)
  •  Site candidate search (3 Candidates)
  •  SSR (Site Survey Report)
  •  Lease agreement negotiation
  •  NOC from TMA, Cantonment, DHA, CDA, including EPA NOC
  •  WAPDA Power Energization

Civil Design & Construction

  •  Technical Site Survey for Civil Work
  •  Soil investigation (Greenfield Site) or structural analysis (Roof Top Site)
  •  Site Layout & Excavation
  •  Earthing and Lean for Tower Base
  •  Steel Fixing and Inspection for Tower Base
  •  Concrete Pouring and Inspection for Template and Anchor bolts fixing
  •  Shuttering & Concrete Pouring for columns
  •  Backfilling of tower base
  •  Erection and Inspection of tower
  •  Painting and Earthing of Tower
  •  Backfilling of site
  •  Laying electrical ducting and underground earthing
  •  Steel fixing for Shelter base and genset base
  •  Concrete pouring of shelter base and tower base
  •  Construction of Manhole
  •  Construction of Curb Stone Foundation
  •  Shelter Installation, Inspection and Signing off
  •  Boundary Wall or Fence Installation and Inspection
  •  Installation of Wapda Pole and Razor Wire
  •  Laying Salt Layer and Gravel Layer
  •  Construction of Ramp and Electrical Installations
  •  Handing over site to RF Department
  •  Wapda Installations / Permanent Power on site
  •  PAC of the Site with Necessary Documentation
  •  Removal of Snags and FAC of the site

Telecom Implementation

BTS Installation

  •  Technical site surveys.
  •  Outdoor installations of Antenna, microwaves, Feeder cables and IF cables
  •  Indoor installation of BTS, IDU, BBS, Rectifier & Line Conditioner, UPS
  •  BTS Commissioning & Integration
  •  Sweep Testing using BIRD and Anritsu Site Master
  •  Call Testing using FTD

Microwave Installation

  •  Los surveys with mirror and flash tests
  •  Installation of IDU ODU & Transmission Racks
  •  IF Cable Installation and Grounding
  •  Microwave Alignment
  •  SDH & PDH Microwave Configuration and reconfiguration
  •  E1, E3, DS-3, STM1, STM 16 Connectivity
  •  DXX systems installation, commissioning & Testing
  •  ODF, DD & MDF installation
  •  BER testing using BER Tester
  •  Microwave link Upgrading
  •  Microwave Dismantling and Re-installation

Fiber Optic Works

  •  Fiber Optic Networking Structural Cabling
  •  Fiber Optic Laying, Termination, Testing & Management
  •  Fiber Optic System Installation
  •  10/100 Kbps Network Installation, Commissioning & Testing
  •  10/100/1000 Kbps Network Installation, Commissioning & Testing


  •  Provision of Ethernet cable Cat5 and Cat6
  •  Provision of Routers, Switches, Patch Panels, Patch cords, Face plates and Face boxes
  •  Connectivity & Testing of Ethernet cable.Network System Deploying, Commissioning & Installation
  •  Structural Cabling Installation
  •  Testing Priorities & Services Available as per Client need “FIBERSOLE” Having their testing Equipment Like Fluke Testing, Cable Management Testing, and Data Testing.

Cell on-Wheel (COW & COLT)

  •  Ware Housing
  •  Civil, Mechanical & Electrical maintenance
  •  Technical Site Survey
  •  LOS survey
  •  Land acquisition for Cows/Colts
  •  Deployment of Cow/Colt
  •  Indoor & outdoor Telecom Implementation
  •  Site Commissioning and Integration


  •  Installation and Repairing of Power Generation Equipment
  •  Installation of Electrical Distribution Panels
  •  Installation of PLC Controllers
  •  Installation of Electrical Control Panels
  •  Installation of Fire Fighting Systems
  •  Electrification Facilities etc
  •  Provision and installation of Earth pit (AC/DC) for Electrical / Telecom Equipment
  •  Air Conditioning
  •  Installation, Maintenance, Servicing and Fabrication of all kinds
  •  Air Conditioning Units
  •  Cooling Towers
  •  Sheet Metal Duct work

Site Maintenance Services

  •  Emergency Electrical Service Interruption at Sites
  •  Minor Electrical Service Repairs
  •  Air Conditioning Repairs and Maintenance
  •  Generator Operations, Maintenance and Refuelling
  •  BTS Repairs Independently or under Vendor Guidance
  •  Site Inspection and Clean up

PTT Co-location Sites Dismantling

  •  Warid Colos sites dismantling from different exchanges of PTCL
  •  Transmission Rack , DXX , Modem, Rectifier, Batteries Dismantling
  •  AC and other Electrical and Alarms Systems Dismantling
  •  PCM, Patch Cord, DDF and ODF Dismantling
  •  Shelter/Glass Cabin Dismantling
  •  Outdoor Dismantling of Microwaves systems
  •  Packaging of Dismantled Equipment
  •  Safely Transportation and Storage of the Equipment to our Ware House

Power Generation Works

  •  Main Distribution Board Installation
  •  Distribution Board Installation
  •  UPS Installation
  •  Fire Detector System Installation
  •  Control Panel Installation
  •  AC Installation
  •  Rectifier Installation
  •  Grounding Pit Work
  •  Fire Fighting System Installation
  •  Sequence Controller Installation
  •  Battery Bank Installation
  •  Fuse Panel System Installation


  •  Raised Flooring
  •  Aluminium Portioning
  •  BTS Shelter
  •  Run ways
  •  Cable Ladders
  •  Ducts
  •  Power Distribution Board
  •  Power Distribution Units

Ware Housing

  •  Warehousing for Telecommunication Equipment and accessories
  •  Packaging and Storage Facility of Telecom Related material
  •  Vital Space for COW/Colt Parking
  •  Computerized Record keeping of materials
  •  Maintaining Inventory of In- word and Outward Equipment and accessories

Line of Sight (LOS)

  •  Standard Pathloos Reporting Through Pathloss Software 4.0 version
  •  GPS Site Co-Ordinate
  •  Flash Test, Mirror Test, Balloon Test
  •  LOS Report