What is Genico?

Genico™ represents a complete range of IP communications solutions for telecommunication operators, service providers and specifically engineered to serve multiple networks of users with a high user tolerance. On a similar scale, we have Gen Com™ which serves a single network domain which exists in small to medium sized enterprises (SME’s).

What is Genico 3G PocketSports?

Genico™ 3G Pocketsports is a new breed of packet-based streaming 3G video sports solution with advanced features like MatchTalk, LockerRoom and MyChoice.

What is Genico Broadband Telephony?

Genico™ Broadband Telephony is a complete and comprehensive carrier-grade broadband Internet Protocol (IP) telephony solution suite which delivers data, voice, video, conferencing and other services using broadband networks.

What is Genico IP Comunicat Solutions?

You can rapidly deploy new IP-based communication services using Genico™ IP Communications and attract new corporate subscribers to increase the utilization rate of your data networks. Genico™ IP Communications is a carrier-grade for telecommunication operators, service providers and Fortune 500 enterprises to serve and manage on-net IP communication sessions.

What is Genico Unified communications?

Genico™ Unified Communications will leverage on your traditional voice and new data networks, to offer corporate subscribers with a single, easy to use and collaborative service. This Genico™ solution will allow subscribers to extend their reach and collaboration flexibility with users of Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) phones, Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) phones, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) devices or WiFi peripherals. Your new IP communication service powered by Genico™ Unified Communications easily connects subscribers to another party either on the data network i.e. on-net or off the data network i.e. Off-net.

What is Genico MConferencing?

Genico™ MConferencing is a secure, reliable and innovative conferencing technology for telecommunication operators and service providers, designed to serve IM (Instant Messaging), IP-telephony and video conferencing service leapfrogging today’s technical challenges in dealing with firewall and Network Address Translation (NAT) devices.

What is Genico MRBT?

Genico™ MRBT is specifically for telecommunication operators, service providers and Fortune 500 companies seeking to offer their subscribers a new personalized service by introducing a next generation Ring Back Tone (RBT) service and third generation (3G) multimedia service for both mobile and fixed line carriers. Genico™ MRBT allow subscribers to define their RBTs which is the ‘trrring, trrring, trrring’ audio ring which is heard by callers while waiting for their call connection to be completed. This ring audio is played in a loop and stops when the call is answered. Subscribers can use Genico™ MRBT to replace the default ‘trring, trring, trring’ audio ring with music clips, self-recorded audio clips or sound bites and match it to time of the day, date, caller’s telephone number or a music jukebox which the subscriber `fills’ with pre-selected tones.

What is Genico MCN?

Genico™ MCN is a new Genico™ powered solution which plugs revenue leakages experienced by telecommunication operators and service providers when their subscribers miss calls. Genico™ MCN is a highquality and innovative Internet Protocol (IP)-based missed call notification service.

What is Genico Music4Us?

Telecommunication operators and service providers can meet subscribers’ personalization needs by using Genico™ Music4Us to deliver Background Music (BGM), a new outlet for subscribers to channel their expression and lifestyle. Subscribers will use Genico™ Music4Us to help create vital ambience and set the mood, as equally important with a soundtrack in a movie. Subscriber can select and play specific BGM tunes when speaking with a caller.